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Benchmark your freight rail rates and see how they compare to the market and your competitors.


Gain negotiation power with your rail freight supplier with trusted market rail rate intelligence.


Reduce the time required for rate management and make your rates accessible to your entire team.

Why Do shippers use tratics?

Steer Your Rail Rate Negotiations

The rail transportation market is complex and suffering from market dominance of a few big players. As a rail shipper you spend too much time on contract and rate calculations during your negotiation periods. You work hard to find accurate rate targets due to a lack of rail rate transparency. There are no unbiased market benchmarking data sources.

This is where Tratics comes in. Our platform provides you with a realistic picture of the market. Your rate target setting is more accurate. And you can demonstrate your results to management not just based on your previous rates, but by comparing them to the market and your direct competitors.

Stay on Top of the Market

You are faced with relentless rail rate increases that always move up. It’s a challenge to know where the market stands right when you need to know. Reliable rate data sources and data quality is scarce, leaving you in the dark to find credible freight rail rate intelligence.

Tratics extracts and synthesizes tens of thousands of rail rates that are reported to government agencies. This data and the intelligence derived from it are instantly at your fingertips, so you always know what the current market rates are. Our simple yet powerful user interface lets you manage and analyze your rates and contracts all on one platform.

Why Should I Use Tratics?



We provide convenient access to data required for shipping by rail through a single, easy-to-use online platform. Whether you are storing your Rates, Contracts or Quotes, or whether you need rail reference information such as Rail Stations, Routes and Shippers, Tratics provides all of these tools in one platform. Single source of truth for your Rates and Contracts means your team can be on the same page.

Historically, rail freight rates have been tightly controlled secrets so the railroads can have market dominance. Some railroads take advantage of the fact that shippers don’t have all the information necessary to know all the questions to ask. They hike rates with the justification that these are market rates.

It often takes days to get a quote from the railroad, so sometimes you have to make assumptions on what the rate will be so you can make a sale. We enable you to make an informed conclusion of what the rate should be and provide the data to justify it to the railroad.

We believe in transparency and competitiveness.

We believe you shouldn’t accept the first rate you’re given, but rather that you should be able to analyze the market to get the best rate possible.

We believe that rates shouldn’t be the most time-consuming part of your day. It should be quick and easy to request a rate, analyze it and be comfortable that you have obtained the rates that allow you to compete in the marketplace.