Transforming Rail Logistics
Supply Chain Experts + Technology = Goodbye To The Black Box of Rail Rates
About Us

Tratics is a cloud-based supply chain management platform built for companies that ship primarily by rail. We are a team of railroaders, supply chain experts and technology specialists. Through Tratics, industrial shippers can manage their supply chain on their terms.

Rail rates have long been tightly controlled secrets, so the railroads can have market dominance. It often takes days to get a quote from the railroad, so you have to make freight rate assumptions so you can make a sale.

We believe in transparency. So we are taking rail logistics in a new direction by providing you with the pricing transparency so you can say goodbye to the black box of rail freight shipping.

Our Team
We are a rail logistics company of top rail logistics experts and technologists who came together to create the changes needed to bring rail logistics into the 21st century. Since Tratics was founded in 2018, we have built a technology platform based on our own experience and the feedback of hundreds of rail shippers. Tratics makes rail rates more transparent so companies can ship on their terms.
Powering rail freight comparison and management for industrial shippers.